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Common Hiring Mistakes Usually Made By Small Businesses

One of the first things a small business or startup has to do is to hire new employees to accompany and grow the company. However, if the company does not have the experience, it will easily lead to mistakes in the recruitment process. Here are some common hiring mistakes that small business owners often make, let’s consult!

Common Hiring Mistakes Usually Made By Small Businesses

Common Hiring Mistakes Usually Made By Small Businesses

1. Poor Job Description

The first step in hiring is to prepare a clear job description. That shows what you’re looking for in a new employee and the benefits the company offers the candidate. However, many small business owners do not take this seriously and do not have a clear and specific job description but want their employees to be able to do it. Many potential job candidates are willing to skip the job without specific job information, so you need to focus on building a clear job description.

2. Unorganized recruitment process

Unorganized recruitment process

Figure 1. If the company does not have the experience, it will easily lead to mistakes in the recruitment process

Any process that is not codified will create unwanted complexity and delays. So to remove these complications from your recruitment process, the second step is to set the standard for your hiring process, even if you are hiring a few employees. You have to plan how to start and end well, otherwise, you may find yourself in a hurry in the process and hiring the wrong way. Focusing on development and hiring quality candidates will call for AI tools here. With this user-friendly interface, you can quickly filter candidates for opportunities. You can track your progress and it will also give you the best chance of hiring the best candidates.

3. Passive recruitment

Instead of relying on job seekers to find you, take the initiative to find them. Active recruitment is one of the steps you can take to avoid a hiring mistake. We can start by determining where the ideal candidates spend their time such as professional conferences, online groups, etc. Gather information of candidates from these sources and save them in your pocket for future reference. When there is an opening to a related post, you can contact them quickly.

4. Not recruiting enough positions

Most small business owners often hire very few employees to save money. This is an understandable general mentality for a startup with limited resources, but once you decide to expand make sure you have the required number of candidates. Small business owners often have their current employees multitask before looking for new candidates. This may sound beneficial to you, but as time passes, under the stress of the job, the old employees will be discouraged and choose to leave while the new hires are not much experienced. Therefore, do not be foolish to exploit your employees’ labor. 

5. No training for employees

Small businesses do not realize how important the training aspect is. Providing training to employees will enhance their skills. The result is increased productivity and better business. Training should play an important role in the staff referral process. If you want to see your employees as company property, provide mandatory training.

No training for employees

Figure 2. Small businesses do not realize how important the training aspect is

Above are some common mistakes that small business owners often make in the recruitment process. When you own a small business or startup, you will be busy with many things. However, to grow your business you need to have a thoughtful investment right from the recruitment stage to hire great new employees.

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