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How Is Your Company Recruiting During The Pandemic?

Despite the massive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the South East Asia workforce,  some parts of the economy are still searching for candidates to meet their business demands. But they have to be creative about how to recruit potential employees in an era of social distancing, so how is your company recruiting during the pandemic?

How Is Your Company Recruiting During The Pandemic?

How Is Your Company Recruiting During The Pandemic?

1. Determine your company hiring goals

Have you taken the time to stay focused and truly define your company recruitment goals? You may know that certain jobs in your workplace need to be completed. But you may not have gone through the trouble to understand why specific roles need to be filled or who should fill them.

Determine your company hiring goals

Figure 1. The company hiring goals should be change frequently

Moreover, maybe your company already has recruitment goals but hasn’t been updated for years, and they need to be fine-tuned. You may find yourself taking over recruitment for a company that hasn’t taken the time to define the goals they want.

No matter how you ended up in this scenario, it’s time to get serious about recruitment, especially when we are still in the middle of the pandemic. If you do not change your company hiring goals, your company will lose your potential talent to the competitor companies.

2. Make sure potential employees know detailed about your recruitment procedure

If you want to recruit during the COVID-19 pandemic, you need a detailed and thoughtful procedure for recruitment you are hiring during the pandemic. Making a hiring decision completely remotely will be a very different experience, unlike making a hiring decision face to face. And it is your responsibility to the company and potential employees to make sure you have a process that will work.

Luckily, the preparation for hiring a new employee will be the same as if you were hiring in person. You still compile a list of candidates, filter them and choose which candidate meets the base requirement you will interview.

Not only that, make sure you detail exactly how the process will go and you must include all necessary information, such as time, date, and who will call to interview them.

3. Remarketing your hiring information

Did you know? Recruitment marketing is the new way to attract potential talent because talent nowadays has so many options, so your hiring information needs to stand out to attract the potential candidate’s attention.

Recruitment marketing is similar to marketing your products or services. It is the process of promoting your employer brand with the use of marketing methods throughout the recruitment life cycle to attract, engage and build a strong relationship with potential candidates.

Remarketing your hiring information

Figure 2. It’s time to use digital marketing in the hiring process

But the process of finding talented candidates and convincing them to apply to your company position is complex and requires a teamwork effort. It’s quite similar to how marketers attract and convert clients.

4. Use Technology in the Interview Process

There are many ways in which technology can improve the interview process nowadays. But the most popular method is the online video interview, which allows the recruitment process to move on even if recruiters and candidates cannot meet face-to-face. It’s a handy kind of interviewing technology, but there are more options out there.

The talent recruitment team can offer recruiters additional tools. That improves the quality of the interview process, like interview scorecards which allow to conduct structured interviews and evaluate all the candidates with the same criteria. Another method is one-way video interviews. That gives recruiters a chance to judge the candidates before meeting them and assess basic skills and will they fit with the current company culture.


Candidates will appreciate it when knowing that the organization they’re interviewing with has a priority on employee safety and security, even when they are just in the recruiting process.

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