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How Offshore IT Staffing Company In Vietnam Work

When your company can’t have suitable employees or just a small startup, and can’t have the resources to have an in-house development team, an IT staffing company will be your best solution. In this article, we will see how an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam works.

1. What does an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam do for you?

In Vietnam, staffing firms have become a vital resource for sourcing talent quickly and efficiently as employers increasingly resort to part-time, freelance, and temporary workers to fill in their workforce gaps. The following are just a handful of the many advantages a good staffing firm may provide for your company.

1.1. You’ll have the power of expert knowledge

An offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam frequently has a level of competence much above that of some companies’ human resources departments. Hiring recruiters, employment specialists, and an employment or recruiting manager to supervise employees may necessitate a protracted recruitment cycle.

What does an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam do for you?

Figure 1. Expert knowledge from a staffing company will give you some advantage

Staffing firms offer services that are comparable to those provided by the finest qualified recruiters and employment specialists but at a lesser cost. Because of the constant placement of personnel, staffing agency employees typically have a higher level of experience in terms of job knowledge, employment trends, and recruitment methods. If they work for an employment agency that specializes in a specific area, they also have industry knowledge.

1.2. Save some cost

Yes, Using staffing services in Vietnam can help you save money on the price of hiring enough people to recruit candidates. However, because staffing agencies handle the entire hiring process, they save businesses money on things like pre-employment testing, background checks, and drug testing. Additionally, firms save money on payroll processing and benefits administration costs. Small businesses have discovered that staffing companies can provide them with quality people at a low cost.

What does an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam do for you?

Figure 2. Using staffing services in Vietnam can help you save money

1.3. They can help open your hiring network

Many companies (especially if you are a foreigner) do not have access to the same pool of available workers that staffing services do. Employers wishing to hire seasonal labor. For example, would need to post job openings, conduct interviews, and process new hire paperwork for a limited period. On the other hand, staffing firms may have contacts with people who have already been identified as dependable, reliable, and diligent, and who can fill a position in days, if not hours. An offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam has a large network of potential employees from which they can draw to fill any vacancy that an employer may have or expect.

What does an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam do for you?

Figure 3. Staffing companies can help you open the candidate network

1.4. You will have a more suitable candidate next time

Employers who work with an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam staffing firms for temporary workers have the opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications, and work habits before committing to a permanent position. Once the trial time is finished and both the employee and the company are happy that the employment is a good fit, this can help reduce turnover. Using staffing agencies for high-volume placements can save a lot of money in terms of turnover, training, and other intangible costs like employee morale.

2. So how does an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam work?

Like any other IT staffing company around the globe, here are their jobs :

– Look at their current database, to find matching candidates

– Post the job online to source applicants with the right skills

An offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam may assist companies in writing a job description. That will attract the top candidates and appear in search results, which isn’t always the case when using premade job descriptions. You want a job description that explains the job’s requirements while also selling the candidate to your organization. Because a recruiter specializes in a specific industry or type of position, they speak the same language as candidates and understand which skills and selling points to emphasize.


Despite the negative effect of COVID-19 pandemics, outsourcing services are still going strong, not only in Vietnam but in the entire world. So you should not hesitate to hire an offshore IT staffing company in Vietnam, they can help you a lot.

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