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How to find Biological Prime Time to increase productivity?

Working on the most crucial jobs first is challenging at this moment – perhaps as some posts, claim mornings can be the ideal time for productivity. However, when you stay away from the bed, you can curse the fate of being the greatest individual on the globe who can not love morning productivity. In this post, we will show you how to seek the Biological Prime Time to gain productivity. 

The concept of Biological Prime Time

The phrase was defined by Sam – the gist of the specific time management method is to determine all productive hours throughout the day, and plan your days as well. The Prime Time is based on the ultradian rhythms – those are cycles the body moves via every day, and they can identify the prime hours throughout the day. Based on some research in which the term was coined, individuals function within the phase of double hours.

Throughout those phases, you can seem bad and face a surge of productivity before the productivity levels reduce again.

Additional hints

You understand the core value, but there are other points you might take into consideration for the Biological Prime Time findings.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine

If you have used coffee, caffeine can be the key item holding you together. Seeming drowsy in the morning? If you went out for coke with buddies the night before, you can blame it on alcohol. 

Next, the cigarettes you smoke at night can affect your sleeping style. As you might realize, all the substances can have a bad impact on your normal biological styles. Therefore, if you do not give up within a month, you will not take a precisive reading for the Biological Prime Time.

How to find Biological Prime Time to increase productivity?

Figure 1. Avoid alcohol

Avoiding getting up based on the alarm

Making yourself get up purely is the ideal way to study the pure energy styles so that you can practice them very regularly. However, when you perhaps will not sleep in till 10 am each day, no matter how pure it seems. On the other hand, it is good that you can leave the component of the experiment for holiday time. 

Straightforwardly, you can move to bed when you get tired and wake up while you purely wake up and seem rested.

How to find Biological Prime Time to increase productivity?

Figure 2. Go to bed if you are tired.

Utilize the energy dips smartly

You have realized the energy peak periods, but this could not show the rest of the day can be doomed to be a bit of waste. You might take less productive hours handling less medium tasks such as

– Meetings

– Business phone

– Scan via the emails.

How to find Biological Prime Time to increase productivity?

Figure 3. A business phone is a part of your work.

On top of it, you might spend those hours engaging in various activities that can not request much more effort but are even on the schedule list. 

As the solution, you might take the most advantage of your energy dips to think and hang out for a walk or participate in various healthy activities around the working environment. 

Wrapping It Up

We believe that you know how to seek Biological Prime Time to gain more productivity. Finally, please put your comments below to let us know your thoughts.


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