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How to have better career development in the workplace?

Did you know that all ambitious and successful people have a growth mindset and consistently look for opportunities at their workplace to develop their skills in their role? Depending on your learning style, working on skills at the workplace can help you quickly advance your career development.

1. Challenge yourself a little more at the workplace

Success is just outside of our comfort zone. So, you must stretch beyond your area of technique.

career development

Figure 1. People who succeed challenge themself everyday

To go outside of your comfort zone, do something that scares you. Don’t like public speaking? Start signing up for presentations at the workplace now. Do you scare to become a leader of your team? Start learning from the other leader in your work environment now.

2. Always stay curious about your roles

It is a great idea to spend your free time at the workplace learning new things that are related to your role. Be curious about your role at the workplace, you can ask questions of people in your space, or ask your manager and colleagues questions, and you can ask your company’s customers about how they feel when using your company product or services.

When you still work at your company, you should develop thoughtful insights about the industry and your company, not only that, you shouldn’t be shy about sharing those insights with other colleagues or your leaders (maybe your insight is helpful to your company and it will boost your reputation).

3. Expand your network at the workplace

Everyone knows that networking is an essential factor toward personal career success, but it’s also too easy to forget just how often we should be making that effort! If you’ve been working in your role for a couple of years, you probably already have some sort of established network. However, expanding your network can be difficult if you already struggle with the current network.

career development

Figure 2. Build for yourself a network so you can have more advantages at the workplace

You can join a volunteer group at your organization to establish a new network. In many cases, volunteer work often leads to more substantial discussions and presents more opportunities to build stronger and deeper relationships. Not only that, building relationships with people who have a different background will help you establish a stronger network than one that is limited just to your career interests.

4. Learn from your colleagues at the workplace

If you want to learn more skills in your role, one of the best ways to increase your competency is to learn from someone who is already highly skilled in your roles at your workplace. If you have one coworker who is particularly good at one skill, you might be able to practice like them or have a meeting to discuss their strategy for success.

And if you have already built a good relationship, you can ask them to observe how you perform a skill or task and ask for their advice on how to improve. As you develop your work skills, try to learn from many different coworkers to find a technique that works best for you.

5. Be open with your feedback

The hard truth is you cannot get better if you don’t know what you need to work on! “ But in reality, many of us are scared or thinking that “performance review “is a redundant rule in workplaces, and some managers treat it as a check-the-box annual exercise. 

But you should think about the performance review in a different way. The information you’ll learn about yourself is essential for your career development. If you care about your professional development, feel free to ask for timely feedback and listen deeply, even if the feedback is delivered in a style or format that you don’t want to receive.

career development

Figure 3. Feedback about your performance may be the indicator for your career

As you review job postings and consider your interviews. Separate the qualifications into the “must-have” and “okay to learn on the job” categories. Don’t let your perceived lack of expertise prevent you from reaching for an opportunity that can help you grow. We all learn on the job. What is most important is your ability to demonstrate the willingness to learn.

In Summary

The truth is no one is responsible for your career development, but you are. So, waiting until annual review time to determine your goals and accomplishments is not the best idea, you need to do it by yourself, learning from other teammates at the workplace, challenging yourself every day is the best way to develop your career.


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