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How To Make Your Workplace Happier And Healthier

Having a positive work environment can increase the productivity of all the employees, make them more likely to stick around in the long-term, not only that, employees who work in a happy workplace are more creative, have less day-off,… So, how can you improve to make your workplace happier and healthier?

How To Make Your Workplace Happier And Healthier

How To Make Your Workplace Happier And Healthier

1. The balance between work and life should be a priority

The concept of work/life balance is a priority for many workplaces recently. Every employee who is working for your company needs to have a clear understanding that you value them as a loyal employee and as a person who has a life outside of work that is just as important as theirs works.

The balance between work and life should be a priority

Figure 1. Employees will have the best performance only when their work/life is balanced

As an employer, you can make your employees happier and help their work/life healthier by offering work-from-home Fridays, unlimited vacation days, discounts on surrounding health and wellness programs, or childcare options (especially for women who have young children). Offering incentives that improve a team member’s overall quality of life is the best way to show that you care about their wellbeing.

2. Have meaningful conversations with everyone who works for you

But this one should come naturally, and you shouldn’t force your employees to have a conversation with you. And many managers don’t see the value because they are afraid of “crossing the line” into the unprofessional territory. But that is not true, getting to know your employee is one of the best things to do to create a happy culture and a happy workplace.

To ensure these positive activities are long-lived, practice them daily, and remind your team often that they are an integral part of the company.

3. Make your employee can feel fulfilled in their roles

As a human, we all want to feel like what we are doing matters, including you – as an employer and your worker, if not, there are so many negative impacts that can happen to your workplace.

To make every person feel good about the role they are doing, they need to fully understand the company’s mission and purpose. So, to make the workplace healthier and happier, letting them feel fulfilled is a must.

Make your employee can feel fulfilled in their roles

Figure 2. You should show your employee that their role is important for the organization

Give a rundown of what each team or department does and why they do it. When employees see the inner workings of the organization from all angles and perspectives, the connection between each individual is stronger and therefore will improve productivity and have more success at their role.

Another great way to make work fulfilling is to get your team members involved in partnering with a local charity. Giving back to the community opens team members’ eyes to realizing work for the greater good is really what it’s all about.

4. Happy personalities should be a great plus during the interview

A happy work environment attracts good people and promotes a culture of productivity and accountability. And on the other hand, a stressful environment will most definitely destroy your company culture and also decrease your employee productivity.

So, it’s important to create and maintain a happy workplace to attract a person. That brings laughter to the workplace and makes the workplace healthier, happier to bring motivation and improve productivity for the whole company.

5. Make Time for Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can work wonders for both the mind and body, especially in the modern workplace, where we sit almost all-time at the office. Most professionals say that staying active during the week can improve both performance and wellbeing while also bring people together within the office. 

Make Time for Physical Exercise

Figure 3. Spent a little time at the workplace to exercise can make employees healthier

As an employer, you can hire a workplace wellness program. Nowadays, there are so many companies that bring workouts to the workplace. They also do all the planning from finding trainers to getting equipment and setting a schedule.


People spend about a third of their lives working so it’s vital that they feel comfortable and at ease at work. So, the employer needs to make a healthier and happier workplace, where your employee is fulfilled, encouraged, and improves productivity at their role.

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