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The Importance Of Matching Talent With Corporate Culture In A Work Environment

In the mind of somebody, a “company culture” is a fanciful phrase, a buzzword for what is a policy that can impact the mood of an employee in the work environment. But in fact, culture has a far greater sense, touching almost every aspect of an organization, it also has a major role in the effectiveness of a recruitment campaign, become an important key to attract talent. So What is the importance of matching talent with corporate culture in a work environment?

The Importance Of Matching Talent With Corporate Culture In A Work Environment

The Importance Of Matching Talent With Corporate Culture In A Work Environment

1. Talent prefer workplace have a corporate culture

Almost every research shows that company culture is important when it comes to talent acquisition. In fact, without a clearly defined culture that matches, and it does not generally align with them or with the values of the candidates, it’s hard for an organization to hiring or keep the best talent.

Talent prefer workplace have a company culture

Figure 1. Company culture is a plus point in the eye of talented employees

Not only that, up to 90% of professionals said they actively researched the culture of a company before accepting to work here. And 61% of them admitted to sourcing media articles about the company, and 46% to using online employer rating sites, like Glassdoor, LinkedIn…

And it is even more interesting with 68% of professionals asking about company culture during an interview. This proves that almost every talent prefers a work environment that has a culture suitable for them.

2. They focus on culture fit

The truth is that company culture has to a pretty high standard the agenda for talented candidates – and great employers too. But for the successful recruitment does not depend only on attracting the best talent, they need to figure out do they fit with company rules or the work environment here.

Cultural fit means the personal values, goals, and practices of an employee are aligned with the company culture and not violated by the company rules. The cultural fit will bring better engagement with colleagues in the work environment.

Not only that, the fit between company culture and a single employee has a huge impact on their performance at work. Get it wrong, and employee turnover will be high, with dissatisfaction common and teams failing to perform as they should be. But when the thing is right, the employees will work more enthusiastically, more motivated, and realize their potential more fully.

3. Four main types of work culture anyone should know:

Before recruiting talented people to your company, you should know which type of current company culture you’re working with, there are four main types of work culture:

3.1) Clan culture:

A friendly working environment where leaders more likely a mentor than a boss and employees are loyal. There is great involvement across the business and the organization emphasizes the development of existing team members.

3.2) Hierarchy work environment:

A formal and structured work environment where longstanding procedures decide what employees do. The smooth functioning of the organization is crucial, whilst long-term goals are stability and results.

Four main types of work culture anyone should know

Figure 2. There are four main types of culture in the workplace

3.3) Adhocracy culture:

This is a dynamic and creative working environment where employees are encouraged to take risks (without breaking company rules) by their leaders who are innovators and risk-takers themselves.

3.4) Market-like work environment:

Or you can call it a results-focused workplace, where hiring employees is encouraged to be competitive by ambitious leaders with high expectations. And success is a key lever that keeps the organization together.


Beyond employee wellbeing, culture in the work environment has also been shown to have a tremendous effect on companies’ financial performances. So, managing workplace culture is a critical business function nowadays not only to attract talent but also for all the employees are currently working.

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