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Which Rules In The Workplace We Need To Change To Adapt To The Digital Age

We all live in the 4.0 era, where we work in the same work environment, have the same goals. But the truth is, we still treat our colleagues if they differ from us, maybe they come from another country, or they have different religions,… So, which rules in the workplace do we need to change to adapt to the digital age?

Which Rules In The Workplace We Need To Change To Adapt To The Digital Age

Which Rules In The Workplace We Need To Change To Adapt To The Digital Age

1. Every employee has the same power at the workplace

No, not the employees can decide their leaders, the power here is a right to speak, to be treated equally, and their income is proportional with their work. When company rule makes sure all employees have the same power, it creates a healthy work environment, not only that, when everyone has a right to speak about their thoughts and ideas, it may help increase the overall productivity of the entire company.

Every employee has the same power at the workplace

Figure 1. Employees should be listening to what their employees say

Moreover, their well-being will be better too, this usually gets underestimated by the organization. But the truth is the healthcare costs your company paid for them are countable and you will save some money just by giving them a healthy work environment.

2. The employee can design their job

We are all familiar with how leaders assign job duties and decide how their employees should perform them. But they don’t know sometimes employees themselves are a better source of ideas about how they should spend their effort.

How to encourage everyone to create their way to do their work?

– Encourage autonomy: You set the goals, but you don’t need to be so prescriptive about how your team reaches those goals. Let them choose the means to reach the ends your employee is given.

– Communicate about the goals – As an employer,  you still need to set a vision and communicate goals and priorities. If you invite your team to job craft, they will probably find more creative ways to reach those ends than you could have planned it up yourself.

3. Nobody is smarter than anybody

One of the deepest beliefs of command-and-control management is the assumption that the smartest company is the one with the smartest people. According to people with this kind of thinking, just as there is a right way to perform every activity, there are the right individuals who are essential for defining what are the right things and for making sure that things are done right for the entire organization.

Nobody is smarter than anybody

Figure 2. In this digital area, nobody is smarter than anybody

Not only that, traditional organizations have long held that the key to the achievement of the corporation’s two basic accountabilities of strategy and execution is to hire the smartest individual managers and the brightest functional experts.

However, in a rapidly changing world, the smartest person on the team cannot compare with a group of teams. Because a single person cannot learn or have enough information when compared with a group of people.

4. Encourage employee passion at the workplace

Passion is a state of mind. So, when your employee is passionate about their role then they not only love doing it, but it seems interesting to them. 

In the interview process, it is better to know if this candidate has a passion for this role in your company. If that is a job they are passionate about, that’s a big plus, because when you are doing your passionate job, there is no space left for disruption and distraction. Even your creative process is also enhanced and you tend to come up with better ideas and more innovative and progressive ideas as compared to doing a job that seems dull and boring.

5. Make questions about the company decision should be encouraged

Do your employees complain about the current decision of your company? If the answer is yes, encourage them to tell what they think. And avoiding their complaint is the worst thing you can do.

Why? Because when employees complain, conflict has been born already between the leaders and the workers. So both two of them should talk with each other to solve the problem, maybe your employee sees the vision that is critical to the company but the leaders cannot see it.

To conclude

Digital transformation is a necessity for organizations to stay competitive, it changes the way we increase productivity, our work environment, so, the company needs to adapt to those changes, too.

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