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When it comes to hiring top talent, two important factors that recruiters should not ignore are speed and quality. Finding, contacting, and moving high-quality candidates quickly through the funnel can often mean the difference between finding the perfect hire and settling for one who isn’t quite as qualified. But not every business can do it, so here is a common sign that you should seek help from a professional.

1. Your business is not good at planning

Like most business issues, inefficient hiring processes are often the result of poor planning, communication, and tool misuse.

With professional & industrial recruiting and staffing, planning is the key to successful recruitment. Planning for your current and future needs, how you’ll fill those needs, and how you’ll execute a process to find the ideal candidate are all things to consider. It’s critical to spend time planning out how you’ll achieve a goal at every stage of the hiring process.

Why should you seek help from professional & industrial recruiting and staffing?

Figure 1. Making a plan is like creating a road to success

Recruiters who don’t plan ahead of time are setting themselves up for failure. It is impossible to have an efficient hiring process without planning.

2. You don’t know things you should know

Recruiters must also specifically indicate what they expect from all candidates in order for them to be successful on the job. This consists in creating unique job requirements and descriptions for each open position, as well as clearly stating what is expected in the job advertisement. This allows candidates to pre-screen themselves, saving time and energy for recruiters who would otherwise have to screen unqualified candidates.

Professional & industrial recruiting and staffing usually have a checklist of advantages and disadvantages of candidates and also a list of deal-breaker to help them quickly filter their candidates.

3. You have a lot of anything else to take care of

Unsurprisingly, one way to ensure that you don’t have an efficient hiring process is to fail to alleviate any roadblocks and delays that lead to lost productivity. This could be as simple as automating certain tasks that slow down the hiring process or eliminating unnecessary red tape that causes productivity backlogs.

Why should you seek help from professional & industrial recruiting and staffing?

Figure 2. You can’t focus on a specific job because you have lots of other things to do

4. Your team doesn’t have a good communication

This is a problem with internal communication in particular. If your recruitment team is not really meeting with each other, hiring managers, and company strategic leaders on a regular basis, you’re likely missing out on opportunities to streamline your hiring process.

Regular communication with your coworkers, like many professional & industrial recruiting and staffing, will allow you to identify and remove roadblocks as they arise, as well as ensure that you are properly planning and providing clear and accurate requirements to candidates.

bad recruitment

Figure 3. Bad communication can lead to bad recruitment

5. Maybe your interview technology is not sufficient

Finally, using the incorrect tool or technology for the job can add unnecessary time and complexity to your hiring process. It’s critical to make sure that whatever technology you use is appropriate for your company’s size and hiring volume. Overly complex technologies can cause unnecessary delays, while outdated or inadequate technologies may not be able to keep up with your team.

Whether you’re using an applicant tracking system (ATS), customer relationship management (CRM), video interviewing software, or another recruitment tool, make sure it’s assisting, not sabotaging your hiring process.


Industrial businesses can avoid wasting time and money on talent acquisition by working with professional & industrial recruiting and staffing. However, it’s critical that you choose a talent agency with a team that understands your industry and what it entails.


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