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Software Engineering Staffing

Software Engineer Staffing TSC The Staffing Company Vietnam

Software Engineering Staffing

Hiring Local Software Engineering within days

TSC is the leading Software Engineering Staffing Agency in supporting foreign Technology enterprises to maximize their time and hire local IT talents at the appropriate market salary without setting up any local organization to access the Vietnamese market. We are responsible for recruiting IT employees, undertake other related issues such as salary, social insurance, and benefits for them according to the provisions of the Labor employment law.

With a certain amount of experience working with both domestic and international clients in the IT market, our ultimate goal is to not only recruit the right candidates but also help you build a strong team.

Easily concentrate on your expertise with the support from our experts in Software Engineering Staffing.


Ensure compliance with labor laws, legal requirements of the Vietnamese government.


Shorten application time of businesses up to 70% compared to conventional recruitment


Supports speedy recruitment and evaluation based on our skilled team of consultants with a diverse network of candidates


Monthly services Support calculation services for salary, commission, vacation days, short-long term candidates, tax declaration, cost refund, and all international payments with everything included in one monthly invoice through TSC’s team of experienced experts.

Other services:

+ Executive Search

+ Payroll Outsourcing

+ Software Outsourcing

+ Accounting Outsourcing

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